Company Profile

Founded in 2003, Juda is a specialized plastic molding and manufacturing company with 150 employees and operates a 15,000m2 manufacturing plant located in Tongli, Wujiang of Suzhou city.

Juda offers a wide range of services which include custom plastic injection molding and mold making for both single shot and two-shot injection molding (dual shot injection, double color shot injection, multiple material molding, overmolding), insert molding, machining, assembly, screen-printing and painting by the manner of lowest possible price, high quality and efficiency to fully meet your expectations and specifications. Our philosophy is to work together with customers as a partnership to ensure the joint success of all members.

We are an ISO9001 and TS16949 accredited company. Our team is dedicated to deliver high quality finished products. We begin with specified or top quality materials, the right equipment for the specific project and inspect all parts at every step of the whole manufacturing processes. We strive to meet your exact quality specifications and on time delivery. With our huge capacity and rich experience your satisfaction will be guaranteed. 

Our company has 28 sets of machine tools for tool manufacturing and has a variety of horizontal and vertical plastic injection equipment 68 sets with different capacity from 35MT to 600MT, out of them 12 sets are two-shot injection from 200MT to 600MT to meet different customers’ requirements. And also we have numbers of advanced testing and inspecting facilities such as 3D coordinate measuring machine, image measuring apparatus, X-Ray fluorescence spectrometer, optical projector etc to ensure necessary means for quality assurance.  Our custom manufacturing products include mold design and development, automotive parts, medical equipment parts, communication components, electronic plastic parts, electric appliance shells and peripheral plastic parts, household appliance plastic parts, sports plastic parts, plumbing seals/gaskets and general industrial plastic parts.

At Juda, we can work with all grade plastic materials including PP, PE, ABS, PA, PC, POM, TPE/TPV, PC+ABS, TPU, PMMA, AS, PBT, PPO, LCP, PVC, PPS  and so on.

Our engineers are highly knowledgeable in the engineering software applications such as SolidWorks, AutoCAD, Pro-e and can develop a solution for your specific requirements.

Juda works with different customers, small or large from different industries all over the world including US, Europe, Asia and China. You will find we are always willing to discuss with your idea and help implement it to market as economically as possible. A quick and accurate cost analysis and quotation can be provided based on your CAD drawings, the material and volume of the part, assembly and other requirements, and also you can be guaranteed of a rapid turnaround on prototyped custom parts and production runs. To meet the requirements of rapid industrial development and satisfy the expectation of customers Juda always keeps continuous improvement in possible lowest price, best quality and service by means of our talented staff and advanced manufacturing equipment and inspecting facilities.

We at Juda look forward to being your next business partner.